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What is RazorTime?

RazorTime is timekeeping made easy

RazorTime is an online service that replace old fasion punch-in/out clocks. The job-holders use their Android or iPhone to start and stop work hours, and then their timesheet are already ready made. The mobile app will also records the exact position where the jobholders started and ended their work days.

"Under the hood" employers will find a dashboard that will allow them to follow up those who are working for them and approve worklogs.

RazorTime is a free and distruptive online service, and you can expect more functionalty as the service grows and develops.

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Who would use RazorTime?

RazorTime is perfect for small businesses, where more complex systems are unnecessary. RazorTime records when people start and stop working, and where they are when they do it. That's it.

You can register as many "companies" as you want so you can use RazorTime for your restaurant, your shop and your office or even for the person who is painting your house or cutting your grass.

Its very easy to match job-holders with your company. Just add by e-mail or facebook, and you are up and running.

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How does it work?

Download the RazorTime app and start recording time! It is that simple.

Employers register their company and invite jobholders to join. The person invited will have to download the app before beginning to book hours.

RazorTime is an online Internet service - which means you can reach it at any time on any device with an internet connection. So don't hesitate - get started and enjoy the ease of Razortime.

RazorTime is role based, so its possible to work for multiple companies.

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Step By Step

  1. Join the service

    Joining the RazorTime service is easy. The only information we need from you is your e-mail address and a secure personal password of your own choice. You can use your Facebook account too. Join RazorTime

  2. Choose your role

    When you have registered to the RazorTime service with your e-mail address and password, you will be asked to choose an initial role as either an employer or a job-holder.

    If you are an employer, we ask you to fill in some basic information, which will help you to manage your work relations at a later stage.

    If you on the other hand have registered as a job-holder, you may now move on to find your employer.

  3. Invite others

    In RazorTime you invite your job-holders just like you do in other social medias. You can invite by email address or Facebook. The job-holder must accept before he can start recording work hours.

  4. Agree on the terms

    Once you have made the connection you need to agree the terms of the contract. This is defined by the employer as he or she chooses to manage contracts in the management dashboard.

    When editing a contract you can define the period in which the contract is valid. Here you should also set the rate and currency in which your job-holder should be paid, if his paid by the hour.

  5. Start collaborating

    After agreeing on the terms of the contract the job-holder can start registering time - either in the mobile application or from the dashboard on RazorTime.com. From this point on the employer can also see the status of the job-holder in his or her dashboard.

  6. Settle the outstanding amount

    The last step of the process is the acceptance of the time sheet. This is done by the employer. He can actually also - directly from the web-application - pay the job holder for the job that has been carried out via PayPal.

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Introduction Videos


Role Description / Guideline

RazorTime is an online service for handling your companies time sheets, and for you to have the full overview where and when your employees clock-in and out.

RazorTime is a disruptive service, and it will get better and better as time goes by. We will develop new features, as they are needed.

To be able to use all our resources on developing the best possible service, we try to minimize all other functions to be as easy and lean as possible.

When you sign up for RazorTime, you can use and test the system as much as you want for free. After 30 days, you need to pay 3USD per month per employee (only active contracts). We will never increase this price.

You just add up your company wallet with an amount of your choice, and RazorTime will automatically calculate and deduct your the monthly fee every month. When you need to refill your wallet, RazorTime will inform you. You will have the complete overview over every transaction in the company dashboard. To keep it lean, there is a non-refund policy on your wallet.

Try us out, and please give us the feedback we need to make the best possible service. This is how we make success. Good luck Razortiming.

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What is Wallet?

The Company Wallet is where the employer make payments and maintain credits.

  • The monthly service charge will be deducted from your credits monthly.
  • The first month after your registration will be free
  • The cost for one employee (contract) is 3 credits per month

Adding Credits options and offers

Plans and Offers

You can add up as many credits as you want to the system, and RazorTime will handle the rest. When you are out of credits Razortime will remind you.

Price Bonus Credits
10 USD 0% 10 credits
25 USD 0% 25 credits
50 USD 10% 55 credits
100 USD 20% 120 credits
500 USD 30% 650 credits

To add credits, go to your Company Wallet > Add credit now!


  • Credits has no expiration
  • There is a no-refund policy
  • Its not possible to transfer credits from one company to another
  • If your credit balance is negative, RazorTime can put your company on-hold. This means that no new worklogs will be accepted. You can still log in, and will have access to all history.


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